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As early as November, 1849, a number of Baptists led by Rev. John Cook organized themselves into a church or society, but having no "under-shepherd to lead and instruct" them, they soon disbanded. This early organization is mentioned in the first Sacramento City directory published in 1851. After completing the organization of FBC San Francisco and FBC San Jose (now called Church on the Hill), the Rev. O.C. Wheeler organized The First Baptist Church of Sacramento.


On September 14, 1850, the First Baptist Church of Sacramento was organized with sixteen members. The meeting took place in Sacramento Judge E. J. Willis' home  on H Street between Sixth and Seventh. 


A very commendable action of our church is deserving of mention in our History. "Prejudice on account of pro-slavery and anti-slavery was running high in California; some of the more hot-headed members of the church openly declared they would not fellowship with anyone who held views antagonistic to their own on the subject." The action of the church in response was so consistently Christian and effective that it is worthy to mention to the praise of the church. On September 2, 1856, a Resolution was declared and passed:


"Resolved: That this church will fellowship any brother or sister

in Christ without regard to the place of birth,

whether they were born in the North or in the South; in the East or in the West;

in the countries of the Old World, or Isles of the Ocean, and be it further

Resolved: That in the calling, retaining or settlement of pastors for this church,

no geographical divisions whatever shall guide or influence us 

In the selection of men who are called to proclaim the glorious Gospel of the Son of God."

Fast forward to September 18, 2016 (166 yrs and 4 days later) when FBC Sacramento elected our 29th and also our first African-American Pastor, Rev. Lamar J. Pringle. Staking claim to our continued "Sacramento Pioneer" Spirit in working with all people,  we have championed the phrase "Diversity is Our Strength" for this purpose in that we are the fulfillment of the prayers of strong men and women who took a stand for all to feel free to Worship and grow here. 

We pray that you will visit us during one of our Worship Experiences and marvel at the sight of Diversity, Love, Friendship, Humor and Hope. 



If you would like to know more about FBC or would like to become a member, please call the church office for details on future classes (916-443-6537).


Whether through prayer, baptism, or membership, please do CONTACT US.  We are here to help you in your walk.  Please let us know how we can help.


SUNDAY 10:30am The Collective
WEDNESDAY 7:00pm  The Pulse
         CHAPEL​ (Small Groups Meet)


2324 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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